Members are urged to call the CPS Dental Provider of their choice ahead of time as many offices now require appointments and will have specific instructions due to COVID-19.

Frequently Asked Dentist Questions

Our goal at CPS Dental is to provide our members and their families a simple and straightforward process for receiving dental care. Our network of providers consists mostly of privately owned practices to ensure quality customer care.

A: You can go to the About page for general background. If you have a specific question you can review this FAQ section or call Provider Relations at 212-889-5858.

A: Call the Provider Relations Department for a dentist enrollment kit.

A: Because it makes good business sense. CPS has been successfully helping dentists build their practices by adding more patients to the patients base for over 14 years. It's really just that simple, participating CPS dentists have more patients available to them.

A: Absolutely, you can use the dentist list embedded in this site to find dentists, by speciality or by location.

A: This website is a convenience for members and participating dentists. It helps them find each other and describes a member's benefit, based on their organizational affiliation. This means that you will always have a place to go to verify the nature and extent of any given patient's dental benefit.